GAY DVD - How Sweet It Is (Vimpex)

Released: 02/2011
Studio Name: Vimpex Gay Media 8Teen Plus
Director: Luis Blava
Stars: Marco, Pietro, Lucio
Categories: Twink, Bareback, Outdoors, Anal

These cute and sexy twink studs do each other when, where and in every position imaginable. All bareback style! Fresh faced new talent and cum hungry twinks are here for some real ass pounding action. Which will leave them and you drenched in juices.
How Sweet It Is to be fucked by you! Fresh faced new talent and cum hungry twinks are here for some real ass pounding action which will leave them, and you, drenched in juice. A young guy has the arduous task of painting the outside of a house, but welcomes a distraction when his young friend turns up and offers up his thick meaty cock for sucking. With the sun warming their cockles, these young lads paint each other's cocks and asses with their tongues, leaving a gloss sheen that is only matched with a matt emulsion finish. The snow is knee deep and cold, but two young pups know just how to warm up. Once inside the house, wet clothes are discarded and damp middle-muscles are revived with sensual mouth massages. These boys take their time as they blow each other, building themselves up to a bareback fucking session that leaves them exhausted and spent. Two young lovers make out on the sofa, silently pledging their lust with deep kissing and gentle caresses. Boy boners are freed from their confines and each lad swallows as much meat as possible. A thorough tongue fucking gets the young blonde lad lubed and aching to feel his pal's hard thickness filling him up. He's not disappointed, and is soon moaning with exquisite pleasure as he feels bare cock inching into him. These boys fuck like rabbits until their balls empty and they are in ejaculation heaven. Two solo jerk sessions both end with spectacular cumshots, and another cute boy/boy duet rounds off this twinkathon. How Sweet It Is to see these cute and sexy twink-studs doing each other whenever, wherever and in every position imaginable, and all bareback!
Product Format Information
Format : AVI
File size : 1.21 GB
Duration : 1h 33mn
Overall bit rate : 1 864 Kbps
Width : 720 pixels
Height : 400 pixels
Display aspect ratio : 16:9
Audio Format : MPEG Audio

File size: 1.21 GB