GAY DVD - Russian Village Boys (Man's Best Media)

Studio Name: Man's Best Media
Categories: GangBang, Euro, Orgies, International, Jocks, Anal, Russian
Cast: Lex P., Sok R., Eldar W., Striker J., Klark K., Adonis L., Uri G., Pupy D., Shark E., Nazar R., Sergei L., Georgi I.
Keywords: Age: Barely Legal/Twinks/Young Meat, Bathhouse/Sauna/Shower, Body Types: Lean/Slim/Wiry, Body/Chest Hair: None (Hairless/Shaved/Smooth), Cast's Looks: Average Looking/Everyday, Cock Sizes: Average/Above Average, Facial Hair: None (Clean Shaven), Foreskin Play/Uncut Cocks, Frottaging/Groping/Rubbing, Men in/of Russia, Threesomes/Threeways
Genres: Foreign/International Cast, Twinks

Something went terribly awry here, as this piece of drivel is sure to make one yearn for the Gulag. Originally shot as two separate films, the second disc contains all the footage that was never released for the U.S. market. That being said, I still must (sadly) suggest that you stay away unless Russian twinks are your downfall.
Regular readers of my reviews (I know I have at least one Froufrou-cultist out there) know how I praise recent Europorn as being highly superior to recent Americana. Well, after viewing this title, I hang my head in shame and say I was wrong. It sucks. It sucks my grandmas ass, and shes been dead twenty-odd years.
What were the producers thinking? How could they release this big pile of donkey doodles? Am I being too harsh? A good director and lighting cameraman could have worked wonders on these guys. Better luck next time. Well, Id better give you the review. Here goes:
Its like the Fall of Communism never happened. Shot on badly lit video that makes Public Access seem slick and professional, eleven close friends (all skinny pasty-faced pimply eighteen year olds) gather at their local Ruskie 4H club to drink beer (its legal at that age over there) and welcome a new guy to their ranks.
Little by little our friends depart to have unconvincing sex with each other. (Dont believe me? Watch: that isnt caressing thats Helen Keller reading!) Three in the 4H spare room, three in a freezing cold snowed-in barn, three in a really dirty, dangerous looking shower stall and three in a soulless living room setting.
When the entire cast frolics in the snow right at the end, I have a feeling this is the only fun theyve had during the entire shoot.
I guess some people will find these guys and their antics sexy, but poor farmers sons, who are obviously straight, pretending to enjoy the ordeal of having sex with each other in order to buy their starving family half a donkey doesnt cut the mustard in my apartment. If I want exploitation, Ill go and buy high-priced fashionable running shoes made in Korean sweatshops, not buy pornography.
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Format : AVI
File size : 699 MB
Duration : 1h 38mn
Overall bit rate : 990 Kbps
Width : 352 pixels
Height : 288 pixels
Audio Format : PCM

File size: 699 MB