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Gay XXX Movies video update

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Head Trip (DVDRip)2012

After drifting to sleep, Jessy Ares’ dream is brought to life in the form of handsome Allen Silver, who straddles his bod and soon feeds the hungry stud. Flashing a hot smile as he gets serviced, the verbal Allen is impressed with Jessy’s skill. With Allen’s boner resting on his muscle chest, Jessy buries his face in the stud’s hairy stomach. Spit drips down Allen’s shaft, the bearded gent bending down for a kiss. Allen drops down, soaking up the vision in front of him, gripping Jessy’s cock before smoking it like a pro in a spirited sequence. "All the way down to the balls. Deep throat that cock!" demands Jessy, telling the sucker to work his nuts. "Smells good," replies Allen. "Tastes good down here!" Jessy gags him ("Yeah Daddy! Let’s go! Choke on that dick!") before turning the silver fox around, sliding into his hole. Allen stays hard as he gets plowed, sitting down on Jessy as his boner bounces off the top’s stomach. The two stare into each other’s eyes as they rub each other’s bods, squirting their loads to end the intense pairing.
On location, businessman Brad Kalvo surveys his empty room while on the phone with a colleague. In the background, a buff vision appears - the huge smooth chest of bearded Will Swagger, who moves mysteriously closer in an instant as if by magic. Will moves in for a kiss, rubbing Brad’s bulge as he presses him against a post. Will undresses the hairy stack of beef, burying his lips to the base of Brad’s bushy groin, the two squeezing Brad’s nips along the way. Brad returns the favor, dropping down and opening wide for Will’s big and thick beauty. Will bends over, his ass getting munched as Brad strokes the stud’s boner underneath. The pleasure oozes off Will’s face, his eyes and forehead frozen in ecstasy. Brad slides inside, fucking the breathless bottom - who continuously shows off his hot boner. On his back, Will’s gorgeous bod is captured in a memorable aerial, Brad smiling at him before the two release.
In a dark room, tall David Anthony and tattooed Johnny Hazzard explore each other’s bodies, bathed in red and green light. The chiseled duo kiss, their cocks bursting out of their jeans. David sucks Johnny, the two kissing again before Johnny tongues David’s cupped sac and nurses his monster cock (caught in revealing side shots). After licking David’s chest, Johnny offers his hole for a warmup, David squeezing the precum out of his bud’s dick as slick strands gleam on screen. He feeds it back to the dark-haired bottom, who moans "Oh, God!" as David fucks him - Johnny’s steel shaft frequently pulsing on its own as he gets slammed. The top picks up the pace, his balls banging against Johnny’s ass. Low shots capture the deep penetration, Johnny turning over to get some more as his butt ripples. The two hold on to each other as the action intensifies, both climaxing before their heads graze against each other in the afterglow.


Uniform Men (2012)DVDRip

Year: 2012
Country: USA
Genre: Uniform, Oral, Anal, Cumshots, Muscle
Duration: 2:20:20
Directed by: Kristofer Weston
Studio: Colt Studio
Starring: Adam Killian, Bob Hager, Marc Dylan, Nate Karlton, Samuel Colt, Scott Hunter, Shay Michaels, Spencer Reed, Will Swagger

Description: A man in uniform is like no other. Be he a fireman, a captain, an officer or a gentleman. Director Kristofer Weston brings back this classic theme by putting our COLT Men in their dress finest. The COLT crew takes you behind the scenes as they never have before, giving you a close look into the making of our COLT Uniform Calendar. We let the cameras roll as these COLT Uniform Men indulged in their fantasies, and each other. The results speak for themselves.


Park  Ride (2012) DVDRip

Year: 2012
Country: USA
Genre: anal, oral, hardcore, bareback
Duration: 2:08:21 = 00:11:46 + 00:14:37 + 00:12:23 + 00:13:37 + 00:12:54 +00:08:10 + 00:13:46 + 00:17:08 + 00 : 06:06 + 00:13:54
Directed by: Max Sohl
Studio: Treasure Island Media
Starring: Christian, Brad McGuire, Antonio Biaggi, Colin Black, Chad Brock, Caedon Chase, Lito Cruz, Eddie, LiGee, Mike Massey, Champ Robinson, Ross Scott, Colin Steele, Logan Stevens
Description:In PARK  RIDE, director Max Sohl combines everything you love about classic porn with Treasure Island Media's "no holds barred" brand of raw fucking and sucking, bringing it all together in his own singular style.
Fucking at rest stops, in the back of pickup trucks, in dungeons, in the woods, by a swimming pool-not to mention the grand finale, filmed in the back of a limousine in the middle of midtown Manhattan's rush hour: don't miss your chance to see your favorite TIM men like you've never seen them before.
CAEDON CHASE gets loaded up by superstuds BRAD McGUIRE, CHAD BROCK, EDDIE, COLIN STEELE, and others as he delivers a breakout performance that has us calling him the TIM fuckhole du jour-though he gets some hot competition from CHRISTIAN, ROSS SCOTT, and striking newcomer MIKE MASSEY. Not to mention versatile and handsome LOGAN STEVENS, who goes from topping CAEDON in one scene to getting man-dicked deep by legendary topman ANTONIO BIAGGI in the tour de porn grand finale.
While hitchhiking by the Park  ??Ride, CAEDON CHASE finds every man's ultimate fantasy coming true when he's picked up by uber sexy BRAD McGUIRE.
In no time at all, BRAD has CAEDON gutted on the back of his pickup truck, ramming, slamming, and bamming the kid in every conceivable position, and making young CAEDON beg for BRAD's cum before he even knows he wants it.
The inevitable showdown between TIM's resident fuckhole CHRISTIAN and massive alpha top LITO CRUZ has been a long time coming. We wanted it to be perfect and asked the guys if they needed anything. "Just get him lubed up with sperm and ready for me," was LITO's only request. After all the fan mail we received for EDDIE and his beautiful, hole-impaling cock (last seen in UP THE GUT), we knew just who to call on-and Eddie was fuckin 'overjoyed to oblige.
There's something for everyone in this scorching fuckfest, including EDDIE's double breeding and a wild intergenerational dicking when porn's biggest Latino Daddy top shows EDDIE the best way to use a manhole. All the while, LITO never loses sight of making sure CHRISTIAN's fuckchute is slick and dripping wet for his impressive, uncut tool.
When CAEDON finds himself alone in the woods, it's not long before he becomes the object of LiGEE's desire-and massive 10-inch dong. Right at home bent over a tree, CAEDON eagerly takes every thrust of that fat cock deep in his needy hole, ultimately filling him with goo and leaving him thoroughly spent.
Before he can catch his breath, though, CAEDON realizes EDDIE has been watching the encounter, and isn't going to let the boy walk away before impaling that sweet hole on his pretty dick.
Newcomer MIKE MASSEY makes his porn debut with Treasure Island Media as the pig roasted between the infamous BRAD McGUIRE and impressive 6 '4 "hunk COLIN STEELE. This one was filmed at perhaps one of the most stunning outdoor pool locations ever seen in a TIM video (though, really, who the fuck cares about the scenery when you have these men getting down and dirty in front of it?).
MIKE told us his fantasy was to get bred by BRAD. Just for fun, we threw COLIN into the mix, and it quickly becomes obvious that the new bottom is almost overwhelmed by the non-stop assault of cocks in his mouth and hole. Not that it stops him from begging for their loads, which you know is exactly what he's gonna get. That'll do pig. That'll do.
This one starts off like your run-of-the-mill threeway, with LITO CRUZ and CHAD BROCK getting their fuck-high on as they take turns using all of ROSS SCOTT's orifices (in his TIM debut). But this is Treasure Island Media, and nothing is ever "run-of-the-mill" with us.
With CHAD's cock balls-deep in ROSS, LITO suddenly decides he doesn't want to wait his turn and unceremoniously slams his dick into CHAD's ass while his fellow topman is still fucking ROSS. Everybody wins.
When it's his turn with CAEDON CHASE, bull stud COLIN STEELE takes the li'l fuckslut to the lower depths of the boiler room and demands the boy submit to his cock.
COLIN eats his ass, makes the kid suck his cock, and then throws him down for a great balls-to-the-floor pump and dump.
CAEDON had barely caught his breath before we threw him to a horny sexpack of men who wanted to make sure he didn't forget he had signed on to be fucked until cum was leaking out his eyeballs.
COLIN BLACK, CHAD BROCK, CHAMP ROBINSON, and LOGAN STEVENS go at the fuckhole relentlessly, taking turns ramming him up and down on a couch, in every which way imaginable. The boy's hole has so much cum in it already that, almost immediately, white stuff drips out his butt.
You might think you know all there is to know about ANTONIO BIAGGI. But trust us when we say you don't know a thing until you've seen him in this scene. For a start, the instantaneous chemistry between him and LOGAN STEVENS is palpable.
Shot in the middle of midtown Manhattan in the back of a limousine, ANTONIO and LOGAN go at it in broad daylight during rush hour. Giving new meaning to the term "park  ??ride," ANTONIO ruthlessly pounds LOGAN in the back seat, both of them so deep into it they don't give a fuck who sees them.
In addition to a Cumshot Compilation, we're giving you a special treat on this one: Part two of the Boiler Room scene between CAEDON and COLIN.
After blowing his jizz, COLIN wanted to get all that sperm as far up CAEDON's gut as possible-and decided his oversized fist was the only way to do it. Don't miss CAEDON's heroic effort as he does his best to get the entire thing inside his tiny cav


blind lust (2011) DVDRip

Year: 2011
Country: United States of America
Genre: Uncut, Twinks (+18), Rimming, Latin, Group Sex, Fetish, Facials, Cum Shots, Brunette, Blow Job, Blonds, Big Dick - Hung, Anal Sex
Duration: 2:58:35
Directed by: Casey Roberts
Studio: Helix / 8Teenboy
Starring: Derrick Porter, Jacoby London, Brycen Cox, Skyelr Bleu, Sencer Keve, Keine Sorgen
Description: Our hottest twink bodied boys are having a kinky moment, and its getting them hotter and hornier than ever. Jocobey London leads a cast of dirty young hotties who love getting tied up, blindfolded and exploited to every degree. Blindlust brings you the most animalistic fucking, sucking and rimming resulting in the most explosive 8Teenboy cum splats. This could be the beginning of a lasting fetish. … 1.avi.html




Year: 2012
Country: USA
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Big Dick, Muscle, Hunks,, Rimming, Cumshot
Duration: 2:03:30
Directed by: Michael Lucas, Brandon Jones
Studio: Lucas Entertainment
Cast: Tate Ryder, Vito Gallo, Adrian Long, Ben Driver, Brandon Jones, Hayden Colby, Johnny Venture, Jordano Santoro, Sam Steel

Nine of Lucas Entertainment's hottest porn-star hunks take a break from their hectic everyday lives for a Cabin Retreat. There they relax the only way they know how: by sucking dick and fucking ass with their huge, hard cocks. Vito Gallo and Tate Ryder are the first to arrive, and they waste no time working their cocks until they blast loads of hot cum. For the first time on camera, Brandon Jones slams Jordano Santoro's ass before bending over and getting fucked himself. Sam Steel services Adrian Long's uncut meat by the fire. Ben Driver shoots his cum all over Johnny Venture's face and mouth with his nine-inch uncut cock. And Jordano Santoro returns to flip-fuck with Hayden Colby in the hot tub. After this Cabin Retreat, there's no going back to everyday life.

Quality: DVDRip
Video format: AVI
Video: Xvid 1280x720 29.97fps 1998kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 98kbps




Year: 2010
Country: S.SH.A
Genre: Mature, Bear, Twink, Bareback, Chubs, Anal, DILF
Duration: 1:54:47
Directed by: Hans Hummer
Studio: M  I Productions,
Starring: Toby, Daddy Mugs, Jacob, Dustin

Description: M  I Productions presents Daddy Mugs Barebacks Miami! Every cute Twink in Miami is a possible hot fuck!


Year: 2012
Country: USA
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Fisting, Dildos, Plugs,
Toys, Masks, Masturbation Solo, Piercings, Rimming, Tattoos
Duration: 1:27:14
Directed by: Christian Owen
Studio: Club Inferno, Hot House Video
Starring: Cylus Kohan, Evan Matthews, Morgan Black
Description: When you're ready to get your hole plowed, you need it now and you want it down and dirty. Legendary  fist-pig Evan Matthews leads a cast of hardcore hole punchers who pull  out the biggest toys and grease up their fists to make sure every ass  gets fed. Jam-packed with enormous butt plugs,  three-foot long dildos, and eye-popping filthy action, this Club Inferno  flick gives it to you just the way you like it - down and dirty! … y.avi.html


Twinks Love Daddies

Year: 2012
Country: Czech Republic
Genre: Daddy, Twinks, Anal, Oral, Big Cocks, Cumshot
Duration: 1:29:44
Directed by: J.R.
Studio: Dads Reality
Starring: Rudi Valentino, Jack Rider, Alex Sneger, Damien Dreik, George Basten, Jan Novak, Peter Svoboda

Description: Some Daddies are just enormous lucky. Sometimes a young, handsome and innocent Twink needs an old Daddy for a good and hard fuck! These Twinks are so horny that they do it everywhere with these Daddies - at the doctors, in a break and so on. As long as they are old and experienced enough to pound the hell out of these Twinks, they are all happy. This flick is suck and fuck of the master class. Including a horny threesome! Spunk flows like water! … 2.wmv.html


Summer Fever

Some appear completely smooth while others appear hairy and unwaxed... yet all of the guys in Summer Fever sport massive members, deep holes, and a penchant for shoving things up their asses that their mother's never told them not to. Basically an all-sex video, the best scenes are the one with Zak and Brad (major buttplay action here, including Zak taking a fist in the Director's Cut) as well as the threeway in which Christian gets plowed in his piehole and his asshole (lucky dude) by Randall and Max. How very "grand" indeed. To this day Summer Fever remains a perennial Falcon best-seller.


Full Service

Josh Eliot's 2nd feature for Catalina Video stars some of the hottest Porn stars of the 80's and 90's! When the local bank threatens to shut down Brad Phillip's full service gas station his fellow Grease-Monkeys team up to do any and everything to save it!
Scene 1: Chris Ladd  Brad Phillips – Chris comes for a refill, but gets his ass filled too.
Scene 2: Michael Britten  Butch Taylor – Michael puts out to convince banker Butch to extend the loan.
Scene 3: Brad Carlton  Chris Dano – Brad seduces Chris so that he misses the race.
Scene 4: Jake Corbin, George Madera  Tim Lowe – They celebrate Tim's winning of the race
Scene 5: Butch Taylor, Brad Phillips  Lou Cass – Brad and Lou pay off the banker with more than just money.



Incubus 2: The Final Chapter

Are you ready for it? A storm is brewing inside Francois Sagat as he fights for control of his tortured psyche. Incubus 2: The Final Chapter is the disturbing conclusion to his twisted tale, as the star comes face to face with his evil, erotic impulses and source of his conflict. David Anthony and Jesse Jackman lead a top-notch cast in the continuation of Sagat's acclaimed directorial debut. Enter his dirty, disturbed mind if you dare.



California Boys

California. Where young and carefree boys are laid back and always horny. Before they hit the beach, they get busy between the sheets. Director Max Phillips rounds up a crew of young and hung sun-tanned cuties who are ready and willing to please. Say hello to the California Boys!


So Into You

Hard Friction releases another collection of unrestrained, uncomplicated, sex in So Into You! At the core of each scene you'll find an undeniable attraction between men; a spontaneous connection that pulses and throbs. A passion that swells as it is unleashed, bursting forth in a blast of excitement that can only be captured LIVE in the moment of immediate gratification. A look shared between men in their sexual prime, So Into You.

Hard_Friction_So_Into_You.avi … 1.rar.html … 2.rar.html … 3.rar.html … 4.rar.html … 5.rar.html



Year: 2012
Country: United States
Genre: Gay, Twinks, Anal, Oral, Hardcore, All Sex
Time: 00:55:34 + 00:48:29
Language: English
Studio: Cocky Boys
Starring: Phenix Saint, Tommy Defendi, Jimmy Clay, Tony Capucci, Mason Star, Jake Bass, Stephen Forest
Description: It `s all about big bro, little bromance! It `s so hot seeing a hunky dude commanding a sweet young guy. That possession ... the feeling of intimacy ... and the want - it `s all here. There is nothing like a Bromance between best buds.
It's all about Big Bro, Lil Bromance! It's hot seeing a hunky dude commanding a sweet young guy. That possession, the feeling of intimacy, and the want, it's all here. There is nothing like a BROMANCE between best buds.


Daddy's Asians

Daddy Mike loves his Asian twinks. But he's not your ordinary daddy. Daddy Mike has an insatiable fetish for Asian boy's feet. Nothing turns him on more than tying these smooth cuties down and tickling the hell out of them and worshipping their smooth brown feet. But that's just the foreplay. The interracial hardcore fuck action is truly the main adventure in this kinky erotic action packed daddy-twink debut. … s.avi.html


Daddy's Asians 4

Who's your daddy? Today we have a bunch of different daddies for our Asian twinks. Daddy mike is here to cum again in the 4th Daddy's Asians full of laughing Asians, interracial, and intergenerational tickling fuck fest. He's one DILF that these guys can't get enough of.

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