GAY DVD - Pious Seducer (Triple B) - 2010

Year: 2010
Studio: Triple B
Source: Germany
Language: Foreign

This Pious Seducer preys on young boys and, although unwilling at first, a wad of cash and a hefty swig of church wine gets these god-fearing twinks hot and horny and ready for anything. A lad goes to church and the equally young priest takes his confession. Returning to the pews, the young confessor thinks that his sins will be cleansed through the Act Of Contrition, but the priest has other ideas and leads him back to the vestry. Once there, the young confessor spurns the advances of the pervy priest, but a wad of money and a few sips of the church wine soon has this young lad doing the priest's bidding. With every wicked sin the priest commits he gives his young parishioner more money, and eventually has him on his knees. However it's not to pray for forgiveness - it's to take the priest's throbbing boner into his pretty mouth! The priest inspects his young disciple's cute butt, slipping his fingers into his crack before fucking his mouth again. Well, a hard cock is better on the tongue than any sacrament! Rimming and finger fucking his young church-goer, the priest positions himself to deliver his best sermon yet - a thick, hard cock right up the young guy's arse! The priest pounds this tight virgin hole until he's ready to deliver a thick wad of priest-juice! The pervy priest is at it again with not one, but two young, altar boys in the vestry. Again he plies them with wine and money and, even though they are not too keen on doing his bidding, they too succumb as he preaches about love thy neighbour. With his cock rock hard, the priest lifts his robes and beckons the two lads to touch him. Both are not keen, but they are quickly persuaded to suck on the priest's dick. He's a dirty youth that obviously preys on the insecurities of other young boys, but these two lads soon get into the swing of having sex with their priest as both lads sport rock hard boners. After inspecting their young virgin butts, he takes both of their cocks into his mouth like he's receiving communion. He rims and fingers each cute boy-butt before shafting both young boys in turn with his bare dick! These three religious fanatics even end up in a daisy fuck before this debauched vicar brutalizes each boy again before spilling his holy water! Don't tell the Vatican!
Product Format Information
Format : AVI
File size : 2.24 GB
PlayTime : 2h 14mn
Bit rate : 2112 Kbps
Width : 720 pixels
Height : 384 pixels

File size: 2.24 GB